Go back in time when Hercules the super-hero lived for an unforgettable experience!

Mythological theme park under the auspices of


The top mythological theme park goes to Athens from October

The unique and unprecedented experience will enjoy all visitors from October 15th 2019 until Febuary 16th 2020, in Athens.

The new project of the Dream Workers and Eksagon Exhibitions, the top thematic park, “Hercules – The 12 Athletes”, takes the visitors on a unforgettable trip to the ancient Greek mythology.

For the first time in the world, the twelve labors are presented in a 2,500 sq.m. venue, with three-dimensional exhibits fully and specially designed to create and add to the unbelievable setting of a truly unique world!

An exciting trip back in time

Young and old visitors will participate and interact with the help of “guides” and performers, while taking an unforgettable trip back in time. Everyone will have the unique opportunity to go back in time and learn all about the fascinating world of Greek mythology, the 12 gods of Olympus, the demigods, mythical monsters, heroes, habits and perceptions of that time.

The goal at the end of this exciting journey through an incredible museum and the huge “Hall of the labors” is to accomplish the 13th labor. Younger visitors will win a special gift!

The superhero, the achievements and the symbolisms are the axes of design and operation of the particular mythological theme park. Guests experience an educational, interactive and clearly memorable entertainment tour and discover the distant past, and all the known and unknown legends one by one.


Scientific validity combined with humor

The educational validity and the informative texts of the theme park and museum have been under the supervision of a great scientific and creative team.

Yannis Servetas, very popular and known for his sense of humor also added his own “touch” in the scripts of the park.

Ηρακλής- Οι 12 άθλοι

? Το ταξίδι στην μυθολογία συνεχίζεται! ?Το κορυφαίο μυθολογικό πάρκο της Ελλάδας αποτελεί τον απόλυτο προορισμό ψυχαγωγίας για όλη την οικογένεια. Μικροί και μεγάλοι ζουν μια συναρπαστική διαδραστική εμπειρία, παίζουν και μαθαίνουν στο πιο διασκεδαστικό ταξίδι στον κόσμο του απόλυτου μυθικού ήρωα Ηρακλή!Σας περιμένουμε!***Σάββατο 11.00 - 20.00 & Κυριακή 11.00 - 19.00***Δωρεάν parking, μόνο από την Πύλη Εμπορίου (Εγνατία απέναντι από τα Πανεπιστήμια).***Τελευταία είσοδος 50' πριν από το κλείσιμο του πάρκου.#herculespark #hercules

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Οι 12 Άθλοι του Ηρακλή θεματικό πάρκο / Hercules στις Σάββατο, 13 Οκτωβρίου 2018

From October 15th 2019 until Febuary 16th 2020


Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday09:00 – 13:00
Friday09:00 – 13:00 & 17:00 – 21:00
Saturday11:00 – 20:00
Sunday11:00 – 19:00

*Last entrance 50′ before closing


General admission9€
Family ticket (2 parents with 2 children)
Family of 3
Group & Scheduled School Visits7€
Unemployed (Fridays only, unemployment card necessary)5€
Children under 3 years of ageFREE of charge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can tickets be bought online?

No, visitors buy the tickets at the time and day they visit the park.

Is the theme park only for school visits?

No, it also welcomes free visitors. Scheduled school visits are held on weekdays, in the morning. However, visitors are also free to visit the park on weekdays.

Group visits, how many people does it refer to?

It refers to more than 20 people and a phone booking is required.

Should a phone booking be made before every visit?

Phone bookings are only made for group visits or school visits.

Are photos and videos allowed?

Yes, there is no limitation to photos and videos. Actually … they are necessary in order to make the visit in the theme park an unforgettable one!

Do visitors tour the park by themselves?

Once visitors enter the park, they are separated in small groups and led by an “animator” throughout the tour.

Are coffee and snacks available?

After the end of the tour, there is a coffee shop where visitors can enjoy drinks, snacks and meals.

Do visitors pay extra for the actions within the theme park?

No, the tour and all the actions during the tour in the park are included in the ticket price. Visitors pay only for what they chose to buy from the souvenir shop, the coffee shop or the dining area.

Contact Information

For bookings, call: 210 5200084

For more information and / or bookings, call:
2310 291 270 – 6946 55 82 82

Email : [email protected]


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